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Upclose With Artist Patrick Carney!

Creative Star With Artist Patrick Carney


Words written about artists always seem empty and inadequate. For the fact is that the talented artist – which Patrick Carney is – always says more succinctly and beautifully what there is important to be said about himself in one single painting or drawing, than a commentator can say in a whole article or book about him.

Patrick Carney was born in Westchester County, New York the first of six children. The long but varied life of Mr. Carney represents a struggle within himself.  Plagued by the need to conform while earning a livelihood, and at the same time, fighting to keep alive the free spirit of the man, he has fought a battle for self expression.

Carney is a complex man, a non-conformist who realized as a young art student at the School of Visual Arts in NY City, that the system limits.

He refused to buy into that which the system offered and chose instead to go his own way. While attending the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Patrick had the privilege to study with Chuck Close, Marge Anderson, Robert Israel, Burne Hogarth and Milton Glaser; each of these teachers having a profound impact on his life.

He read voraciously – searching for answers which led to more questions. While pursuing studies at Buffalo State, he worked as a specialist in media at the Communications Center.  Later he was named the Art Director of the Lafayette Community Center where he taught art to inner city children.  For a time he traveled throughout the NY State as a Artist in Residence at underprivileged high schools as a representative of the Arts Council, and volunteered as a art teacher in the state prison system, believing that it was his obligation to give back and “Pass On” his given talents.

Starting in 1964, hanging out in NY’s West Village, Mr. Carney dedicated his time to drawing and painting the world of rock n’ roll music, it’s passion and creativity caught in real time forever.  He traveled throughout the US attending rock concerts and painted whatever star excited him – and thus his work is a varied series of welcome surprises.

Hanging out at what he calls “the corner of Art and Soul,” the Artiste Patrick Carney creates the images of your youth, capturing on canvas the music you grew up with.

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and magically paints his own vibration and nature into his paintings. Patrick Carney does this by tapping into Rock ‘n’ Rolls inner soul.


“Rock ‘n’ roll is like pulling back your rib cage and showing people your heart.  See this captured on canvas.  Describing what I do in the creation of my rock n’ roll art, it’s about capturing a “chapter” in your life and hanging it on your wall.  It’s a reminder of a magical moment: a concert, an album, a festival that you were once a part of, and who you are today.”



He freely used whatever media best expressed the essence of his subject…be it acrylic, pen & ink or collage.  His soul craved the experience of creativity.  It reunited him with his essence.  He knew that only an open heart would capture his creative dream.



His work is in many collections throughout the world including Dick Clark, Stevie Nicks, John Lennon, Al Kooper, Mark Hamill, Judy Collins, Peter Asher, Chad & Jeremy and Mick Fleetwood.

Visit Patrick’s website at www.creativestarart.com
Become a FAN of his work at: www.facebook.com/patrick.carney


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