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“To Be” Rather Than What “To Do”

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YES! Life is a Trip, But Where are You Going?

Whenever I mention to people that I teach Stress Management, Meditation, and Life Mastery skills they almost always say to me: “Boy, do I need that…

We live in a very fast paced world. Information, opportunities, and challenges are expanding exponentially every day. Life is FULL to say the least!

Too often our experience of life is like a series of breathless, unconscious, one after the other chase scenes in a fast-paced movie. Rather, I believe life is meant to be a series of vibrant still shots or landscapes to savor and enter into with just a sprinkling of the right amount of mad-cap scenarios to add some spice.

Often, as soon as we wake up in the morning, we are immediately mentally inundated with an infinitely long “To Do” list. Instead, I would propose that we start off our day by focusing on creating an exquisite, rich, high quality “To Be” list.  Let me explain.

As I see it, it’s not about what you want to “do” today that is most important, but rather what you want to “be” or feel or experience. What qualities of life do you want to primarily participate in today: peace, balance, love, courage, happiness, joy, humor, harmony, confidence, etc? Or do you really want to go into a lowest common denominator default mode and experience their opposites?

Why not begin your day by jotting down the quality that you would like to experience and embody that day?

And then, as the day progresses, create various practices that will help you to remember and then reinforce that quality so that your day is filled with what is really most important to you and with that which will bring you the greatest lasting value.

For instance, you could choose feeling “peaceful” as the most important “to be” quality for a particular day.  Therefore, it would be with peacefulness that you would want to begin, follow-through with, and end every activity and interaction in your day.

In other words, let the quality you want to experience (i.e. peacefulness) be more important than the list of goals you want to accomplish.  Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, and with whomever you are doing it, always ask yourself, “How can this interaction be permeated with the quality I have chosen today?”

Here is a technique, one of many I have developed and taught over the years, which can help you to refocus on your quality again if you realize that you have lost it.

  • First, slow yourself down, next take seven deep breaths; as you breathe in imagine that you are breathing in the quality you have chosen for that day (i.e. peace); see and feel it permeating your whole body-mind, and then on the exhalation, see and feel its opposite (i.e. anxiety) being expelled.  Really feel it and see it as you breathe in deeply and gently. At the end of these seven breaths you will feel refreshed, at peace and on target again.
  • Just trust that as you learn to be consistent with focusing on your quality, you will be surprised that you not only have the pleasure of experiencing the positive quality you have chosen, but as an added bonus, you also find that what was most important on your “To Do” list has been accomplished easily and effectively. So, too, you will find yourself wonderfully more relaxed, refreshed and with more energy.
  • Note, what I am suggesting you begin practicing here is an “art.” And sometimes when you first sit down to create a work of art things can get quite messy.  So, don’t be discouraged if at times you lose your vision and just can’t seem to be able to keep your chosen quality in focus.  In time you will get better at it.
  • In time, as well, you will learn that if you do lose your focus, it doesn’t really matter! When you do “lose it,” first, just notice that you have “lost it;” and then with a sense of humor, have a good laugh at yourself, give yourself a break and when you have calmed down, gently come back to practicing the quality you have chosen.
  • So, when you wake up in the morning why not begin with your “To Be” list and then let the quality you have chosen permeate your whole day. To help you stay focused, do the breathing exercise described above as often as you can remember; do it while you are driving your car, standing on line, waiting for someone, etc. Also, some folks find it helpful to put “post it” notes up everywhere with the quality written on them as reminders.  As well, you can you can even write your quality on the palm of your hand or automate a message on your computer. Whatever! Have fun remembering and practicing this.
  • If you let this quality be the backdrop and scaffolding for your whole day, I can assure you that when you go to sleep that night, you will end your day knowing that you have accomplished your most important goal for the day, namely, a day filled with quality experiences.
  • Just imagine after a year of practicing this, how rich and full a tapestry of qualities and experiences you will have woven into the fabric of your life and into the lives of your loved ones as well as many others. I know so many people who have totally turned their lives around practicing this simple approach!

It is possible!  Give yourself a chance!  You deserve it! You won’t always do it perfectly; but it’s never about being perfect, is it?  It is all about the journey and not the destination.

Remember, you can always, every day, in every moment choose “To Be”filled with a wondrous joy, peace, love, and even more.  It is a choice… yours!

You are a human “being,” not a human doing! Begin your day by putting first things first: claim your Mastery and step into and experience who you want “To Be” today!


Love Is Good Business

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Have you heard this before? “Love or Business, you have to choose.”  The message is direct – you have to decide what you value more, something/one you love or your work/business. Actually, there is a more factual statement 

Love is Good Business.

A great deal of thought and energy will be spent on expressions of love, usually for a romantic partner. The truth in the old axiom, Love makes the World Go Round, applies to all aspects of life, not only to romantic love. When you are doing what you love, you are going to be more successful in it, and you will also be happier and at peace. It’s only natural.


“I don’t think I have ever worked in my life, because work to me means that you are really doing something you don’t like.”

John Kluge, multibillionaire founder of Metromedia

How do you harness the immense power of love in your business? You’ve guessed it – love what you do.  Wait, you say, I work for money, I don’t love my work.  Or, I used to like my job but over the years it’s gotten boring; now I am doing it because I can’t think of what else I can do to earn a living.  Uh oh, we need to talk. It is highly unlikely that you are going to be able to excel in your business if you are just going through the motions.  Equally if not more important, your quality of life is reduced because you are spending many of your waking hours at something which gives you little joy.

How can you love your business and become more successful at the same time?  Ask yourself honestly – is your life mission aligned with your business?  This may take some quiet time of reflection and digging for you to get your answer.

The daily grind and stress may be obscuring your original reasons for being in your line of work.

Take the time to remember and reacquaint yourself with the calling that brought you into your business.

Did you at one time feel so excited to be in your field?  Recall that feeling and the motivation that got you here; your passion will be reignited.  Keep it alive by focusing on that thought when things get tough. Your mission gives you the resilience to get up again when things go awry.  Inevitably it does, we all have missteps in business as well as in personal dealings – we’re human.

What if you stumbled into your business and had no specific drive to get into it?  Then a closer examination of your life mission would help.  What are you dedicated to?  Is there any relationship between your business and your reason for being?  How can you tie what’s important to you with your business?

One of my clients works in a large technology company as a production engineer.  Her passion is to share and help people. At first she didn’t see any connection between what she did and her life mission.  It seemed so mundane to spend her days working mainly by herself.  After she relooked at her work she realized that she was helping people by developing better systems, she felt better.  She still wanted some way of getting feedback to energize her, so she joined an informal consumer survey group in the company.  There she got direct input from people who used the product she is working on, and that gave her a deeper sense of why she was doing what she was doing.


Look for that link bridging your life purpose and your work. Once you find that you will discover more meaning in your work. Ultimately we are all seeking meaning in our lives.  Viktor Frankl, the Austrian psychiatrist and holocaust survivor showed how people can experience and overcome extreme hardship if they have a greater purpose.


Those who have a “why” to live, can bear with almost any “how”

Viktor Frankl

Thankfully we don’t have to endure the level of suffering that Dr. Frankl described, but the essence is the same – when we have a reason, we can thrive under circumstances that otherwise would have us bored or complaining. With love, we flourish and when we are functioning well, our work is going to prosper.

My life passion drove me to come to the USA as a teen alone so that I can get an education to help others. It was not easy, working, going to school and adjusting to a new country, culture and (cold) weather was challenging for this tropical girl from Hong Kong. But I had a bigger purpose and that kept me going and energized through the many obstacles I encountered. It kept my spirits up and guided me when it looked dark because the love in my heart for what I was working for sustained me.

May the love in your heart keep you happy, successful and directed. Remember that Love is Good Business.

EnergizeGrowth’s CEO Lisa Nirell



Our fifth interview of the Wayback Series from 2004, is with Lisa Nirell, the Chief Energy Officer of EnergizeGrowth®, which helps companies grow customer mind share, and market share.

Since 1983, Lisa has worked with Zappos, BMC Software, Adobe, Microsoft, and hundreds of entrepreneurs in nine countries. Lisa is also an award-winning expert speaker and author of the acclaimed EnergizeGrowth® NOW: The Marketing Guide to a Wealthy Company.


Lisa produces winning strategies, not workbooks.

Lisa’s clients consider her an accomplished growth expert, thought leader, and speaker with first-hand, laser-focused, practical insights. Lisa recently authored EnergizeGrowth® NOW: The Marketing Guide to a Wealthy Company. Business luminaries such as Guy Kawasaki, Dr. Stephen Covey, Joie De Vivre Hotel’s Chip Conley, Seventh Generation Founder Jeffrey Hollender, and global leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith have endorsed her work. In addition, she is an expert blogger on strategic growth planning for Fast Company Magazine.

Lisa has been featured in U.S. News and World Report, American Express OPEN,The San Diego Transcript, Women in Technology, and Computerworld.

I hope you enjoy this interview with this very energizing, uplifting lady…ENJOY!!!


Interview With Lisa Nirell


Successful Patterns of Nature

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The Onani Mentoring Technique™ uses the innovation, freedom and personal responsibility of the 21st century combined with the wisdom of ancient spiritual principles; supporting a lifestyle of balance and excellence.

As a spiritual seeker and mentor, I learn from quite a variety of teachers from many different traditions from around the globe; north, south, east and west. In the late 90‘s, when I began to study the stock market and principles of business success; my life and my spiritual practice shifted dramatically into a greater sense of balance and abundance.

This came about unexpectedly for me. As soon as I was exposed to investing, I was hooked. I found that business growth and development follows the same principles as any inspirational process. Surprising to me at first discovery, but obvious now, given that business begins with someone risking a personal investment in the expression of a new idea.

I then had the opportunity to spend a few days with Marshall Goldsmith, an executive coach recognized as the #1 leadership thinker in the world by Harvard Business Review. He has a wealth of free resources on his site, www.MarshallGoldsmithLibrary.com. Interestingly, Marshall comes from a Buddhist perspective.

I love one of his primary messages to CEO’s who engage his services to become more successful, “Quit being a jerk.” A good Buddhist message translated into business language! However, the primary concept I learned about was how internal and external power worked. I had been quite naive in that area.


FeedForward Lesson From Marshall Goldsmith On Coaching For Behavioral Change!


One thing I find to be especially intriguing is how trading stocks on my computer is so similar to gathering medicinal plants in a wilderness forest. The success and abundance of each one depends upon layers and layers of a myriad of patterns. I pick the ones (stocks and plants) that show conviction.


Message From Onani


In recent years, the businesses that serve a new, thriving middle class of China have been particularly successful. After 9/11, the sale of couches and home improvement supplies went up as people were feeling a need for “nesting” and entertaining at home. In contrast, I noticed there is a proliferation of Potentilla and the cedar berries are not as oily due to the dryness of the Great Lakes region.

Ha! I just realized the Potentilla foot massage cream I concocted for my Grandmother’s tired feet after a long hike goes well with nesting at home on your new comfy sofa with a loved one! I love to think of all the layers of patterns; local and global, current and historic, that lead to the diminishing of one thing and the growth of another as the natural ebb and flow of conditions occur.

The same dynamic patterns are active in your own life. The formula for success, whether it’s a vegetable garden, a new business idea or your own health and contentment, depends on a variety of conditions. Some of these conditions you can control immediately and some you cannot. Conviction is the stamina, determination and commitment you have for your own success amidst those ever changing conditions.

Spend your resources- your time and money, of course, but also your attention, your effort and your dreams on those conditions within your control. Through a practice of mindfulness, your life can ebb and flow in a way that feels easy, sustainable and compassionate to yourself and others. Mindfulness is the ability to quiet your own mind, coming to stillness no matter what’s going on around or within you. From this place of stillness, you are able to see the wealth of resources that abound; within you and all around you in all their various forms. Take a risk! Invest in your own well-being.

Create a Happy Home Using Fend Shui

Creating a Happy Home Using Feng Shui


Using Feng Shui to create a happy home or work space can be fun.

Feng  Shui is the placing of object or  using colors to attract  good chi energy into spaces we occupy.

The use of powerful feng shui formulas can improve all areas of your life.

It can even maximize good fortune and avoid bad luck.

Here are some fun and simple ways to apply  feng shui into your spaces.



One of the most powerful feng shui features to have is a personalized main door.   Here is where you would bring the good chi energy into your home or office.

  • To attract good chi energy into your home, the door should have a roof.  It should be made of solid wood with metallic trimmings.  The stronger the door is, the better the protection of the people inside.
  • The main door should also open inward to welcome the good chi energy into your home or office.
  • A red door will bring abundance and also protecting to the home or office.
  • The Chinese consider  a yellow door inviting to the chi  energy also.
  • Keep clear any clutter from blocking the flow of Chi to the entrance of your home or office.
  • Having a light above, or next to the door, will help illuminate the energy coming into the space.
  • The outside door is a link between your home or office, and the outside world.   Make it inviting to the Blessed Chi energy you want to enter your home or work space.


mirrorMirrors are a valuable potent feng shui tool.   Mirrors reflect images so they will double what ever you want to attract into your space.

Let’s say you want to attract more money into your life; you could put coins or dollar bills on, or in front of a mirror.

At my office I have a mirror behind my cash register to attract more money.






A way to attract love into you life using feng  shui would be to match up items in your bedroom.

For instance, never have one picture – place two pictures next to each other.

Place as many objects as you can in your bedroom into pairs.

candleAnother way of attracting love to you would be to light two pink candles in front of a mirror that has a picture of a couple on it.  Pink is the color of love.

If you wanted to attract more passion in your life light two red candles instead of the pink ones.

NEVER place a fountain of running water in a bedroom, as it will send the flow of love out the room;

unless you’re wanting to have a person leave your life, then it might be good to have in your bedroom.

Using fragrances like rose and jasmine in the bedroom will also attract love to you.



 One of the most important uses of feng shui is the use of flowing water.

The constant flow of water in your home or office placed in the right location brings wealth into ALL areas of your life.

Having a constant flowing fountain is a must for all homes and work spaces.    You can place a fountain in any area of your home except the bedroom.

Another thing to have in your home or office to attract wealth, would be a fish tank with gold fish in it, because the color gold is a symbol of wealth.

It is important to make sure your toilets are in good working order.

If it runs all the time it will bring the chi energy of your abundance being flushed down the drain.

The same goes for leakey faucets.

Hanging picture of waterfalls and oceans will also attract prosperity into your home or office.

See, the art of Feng  Shui can be as easy a coloring your front door or buying a fish tank.

Why not get started and bring new Positive Chi energy coming into your home or office today!




Love & Light

From guest blogger Carrie Carter
Visit Carrie at www.yourangelchannel.com



5 Secrets to a Happy, Healthy Life

The 5 Secrets to a Happy, Healthy & Successful Life


You make well-meaning resolutions to improve your life. But your resolutions fade under the stress of multiple demands on your time and attention. Oftentimes the resolutions are history before the month is done. How can we ensure that we actually benefit from the good intentions that we made with such conviction?

“Many years ago I made an earnest resolution to work less and to spend more time on my personal life, family and health. Being a type A personality, it was easier to say that than to follow through. By late in the same month, as I was running through another airport, I realized that I was already back to my old pattern of working seven days a week. On the next plane ride I took the time to ask myself a few hard questions. From that experience I developed these Five Guidelines to have a Happier, Healthier and more Successful Life. Isn’t that what we are ultimately after?”


  1. Make resolutions that you can manage. Specify your desired end result and make the goals measureable. For example, instead of saying that you want to lose weight, give yourself a specific time frame for a number of pounds or inches broken down into smaller pieces so that you have incremental targets to meet. Make the objectives a slight stretch but achievable. You are more likely to continue once you see positive progress towards your ultimate goal.Limit the number of resolutions. Your mind can only deal with so many tasks at a time. Limit your resolutions to fewer than seven and prioritize them. That way you can work on them in order of importance to maximize your success potential.
  2. Review your life mission before you make your resolutions. What are the most important things in your life? When you make your commitments based on what you truly value, instead of what someone else or society tells you that you ought to do, you will be more motivated to work towards them.
  3. Get Partners and Mentors. There are people who share the same goals you do. Or they have experience in what you are trying to achieve, and/or they would be supportive of your plans. Enlist their support. Form a mastermind group or network to encourage, guide and support each other. Ask people with experience for advice and inspiration. You can connect in person, by phone and via the Internet on affinity sites, pages and chat rooms. Having partners and mentors in your goals will keep you motivated. They can also guide and alert you on the pitfalls, secrets and shortcuts to success.
  4. Make a Positive Resolution. Make a resolution that involves something fun for you. For example, if you want to strengthen your presentation skills, do something new, say, singing in public. Learn a song and sing it at a karaoke. Or learn a new sport, like paddle boarding, yoga or Pilates. That way you will be working on your self-confidence and your physical fitness in ways that are also fun for you.When we look at the positives in our lives, we are encouraged to keep going. One of the main reasons for dropping our goals is because we feel pessimistic. An optimistic outlook energizes us and moves us towards our goals.
  5. Relax and Have Fun! You have good reasons for you to make your resolutions. They improve your life in some way. Allow yourself some latitude when you lapse. You are already making progress when you recognize that you’ve missed the mark. It indicates that you are making an effort. Just pick yourself up and try again. Give yourself credit for each step and the small milestones. Share your success with your buddies, and remember the reason(s) for your resolutions. Life is fun! Consider the alternative.


Some of the most popular resolutions made are for physical health, work, finances and relationships. Beneath all the resolutions is the desire to live a healthy, sustainably balanced life with joy and inner peace.


Establishing your life purpose is the foundation to living the life of your dreams. My little book, “Living the Life of Your Dreams” won the Global eBook of the Year 2011 in the Inspirational/Visionary category.

The book won because it motivated people to find their life mission in a short stories and handbook format.

If you would like to get a copy of this book, or more details, please click here.
May you find it helps you as well.

Excessive stress is dangerous and can even kill you.

Joan Borsenko’s 2011 book, “Fried, Why You Burn out and How to Revive” helps you get to a healthy place of dynamic balance between doing and being.

Learn more about Joan’s book.[/one_half]

I believe you should take love advice from couples who have the kind of deep, loving, magical relationship that truly inspires LOVE!

Arielle Ford’s new book, Wabi Sabi Love: The Ancient Art of Finding Perfect Love in Imperfect Relationships is being released right now. If your relationship is less than fantastic, this is the solution!

Have a fulfilling, healthy and happy day, month and year!

Marilyn Tam


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