A Tribute to LOHAS Week June 12-14

A Tribute to LOHAS Week June 12-14

Tribute to LOHAS Week

n tribute to LOHAS week, (Forum in Boulder, Colorado June 12th-14th), I will be sharing a series of interviews from my show Generation Reinvention, on the FMG Radio Network.

LOHAS has grown from a grassroots movement shepherded by young adults in the sixties and seventies into an international business juggernaut today.

We’re starting off the series with an episode, with Natural Food Pioneer and Visionary Steve Demos. Steve personifies and frankly leads the consumer revolution known as LOHAS, an acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability.

Steve is a progressive entrepreneur with more than 30 years experience in creating and marketing environmentally and socially-conscious foods, he is also the founder and former president of White Wave Inc., the largest producer and marketer of soy-based products in the U.S (Silk Soymilk Brand).



Brent Green Interviews Natural Food
Pioneer and Visionary Steve Demos in
this weeks tribute to the LOHAS Forum.



Previous Shows From LOHAS Founders and Speakers


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