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Upclose With Artist Patrick Carney!

creative star with artist Patrick Carney


Words written about artists always seem empty and inadequate. For the fact is that the talented artist – which Patrick Carney is – always says more succinctly and beautifully what there is important to be said about himself in one single painting or drawing, than a commentator can say in a whole article or book about him.

Patrick Carney was born in Westchester County, New York the first of six children. The long but varied life of Mr. Carney represents a struggle within himself.  Plagued by the need to conform while earning a livelihood, and at the same time, fighting to keep alive the free spirit of the man, he has fought a battle for self expression.

Carney is a complex man, a non-conformist who realized as a young art student at the School of Visual Arts in NY City, that the system limits.

He refused to buy into that which the system offered and chose instead to go his own way. While attending the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Patrick had the privilege to study with Chuck Close, Marge Anderson, Robert Israel, Burne Hogarth and Milton Glaser; each of these teachers having a profound impact on his life.

He read voraciously – searching for answers which led to more questions. While pursuing studies at Buffalo State, he worked as a specialist in media at the Communications Center.  Later he was named the Art Director of the Lafayette Community Center where he taught art to inner city children.  For a time he traveled throughout the NY State as a Artist in Residence at underprivileged high schools as a representative of the Arts Council, and volunteered as a art teacher in the state prison system, believing that it was his obligation to give back and “Pass On” his given talents.

Starting in 1964, hanging out in NY’s West Village, Mr. Carney dedicated his time to drawing and painting the world of rock n’ roll music, it’s passion and creativity caught in real time forever.  He traveled throughout the US attending rock concerts and painted whatever star excited him – and thus his work is a varied series of welcome surprises.

Hanging out at what he calls “the corner of Art and Soul,” the Artiste Patrick Carney creates the images of your youth, capturing on canvas the music you grew up with.

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and magically paints his own vibration and nature into his paintings. Patrick Carney does this by tapping into Rock ‘n’ Rolls inner soul.


“Rock ‘n’ roll is like pulling back your rib cage and showing people your heart.  See this captured on canvas.  Describing what I do in the creation of my rock n’ roll art, it’s about capturing a “chapter” in your life and hanging it on your wall.  It’s a reminder of a magical moment: a concert, an album, a festival that you were once a part of, and who you are today.”



He freely used whatever media best expressed the essence of his subject…be it acrylic, pen & ink or collage.  His soul craved the experience of creativity.  It reunited him with his essence.  He knew that only an open heart would capture his creative dream.



His work is in many collections throughout the world including Dick Clark, Stevie Nicks, John Lennon, Al Kooper, Mark Hamill, Judy Collins, Peter Asher, Chad & Jeremy and Mick Fleetwood.

Visit Patrick’s website at
Become a FAN of his work at:


Sacredness of Joy

sacredness of joy


Joy is a place in my being where I can rest and find my center; where I feel the journey of my life as a natural unfolding process connecting me to the harmony of all of creation. I see the easy rhythm as trees blossom, go dormant and bud again; as the moon waxes and wanes; as the wren returns every spring and sings on my porch. The same natural rhythm guides my life. Joy is my sacred birthright.


And yet, why, then is joy so elusive at times? When the wren sings so cheerfully, the moon shines so brilliantly and the trees sway in the wind, why do I find so much resistance and challenge trusting my own natural growing process? Can I sing my song with joy simply because I’m alive; like the wren?

Humans have a unique mind/body/spirit connection that allows for independent thoughts and feelings. We have the capacity for inspiration and artistic expression. We also have the capacity for separation and depression. We are born into survival consciousness, meaning we find providing, protecting and nurturing outside ourselves. As a newborn baby, the statement, “If I don’t get what I need from you; I will die.” is literally true! As we grow older, we unconsciously panic in some form when we sense lacking or wanting and try all kinds of manipulative antics to get a sense of wholeness from outside one’s self.


The meaning of the Sacredness of Joy

And yet, wholeness is found within. The journey of consciousness is the evolution of searching for love and power from outside myself to connecting to the love and power that naturally abides within. Therefore, even though joy is my birthright; it is also an essence of myself that must be developed. Being solidly seated in joy is a daily spiritual practice. It takes focused intention to shift from an unconscious state of a learned stress reaction to an ability to respond freely and authentically.

This internal shift can become more and more under your control. Your unconscious reaction was learned from your own background experiences; a more evolved response is learnable too. And just like any other skill, the amount of focus, determination, perseverance, time, attention and resources you put into it correlates with how much you get out of it. You have to decide if joy is a priority for you or not. If so, then put your resources into it just like you would if you were determined to play the piano, play soccer or learn a craft.

Seek out teachers of personal awareness and expression such as art, music, yoga and dance. Of course, I highly recommend a personal mentor! Involve yourself in joyful activities. Surround yourself with supportive, uplifting people. Limit your exposure to activities and people that reinforce habitual unconscious beliefs and behaviors. And practice! Connecting to the sacredness of joy takes a great deal of practice; especially if you have experienced chronic turmoil as a child.

This sacred connection does exist. This sacred connection is available to you. The sacredness of joy is an essential aspect of creation. Practice and eventually it will come naturally. Go ahead. Sing your song! Shine your light! Dance in the wind!

Summer Solstice and Miracles

Summer Solstice and Miracles

Our true home is in the present moment.
To live in the present moment is a miracle.
The miracle is not to walk on water.
The miracle is to walk on the green Earth
In the present moment.
~Thich Nhat Hahn

[box_light]appy Summer Solstice! June 20th or 21st is the longest day of the year and the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Where the long darkness of Winter Solstice is a time to go quietly inward for personal reformulation, Summer Solstice is a time of high energy, illumination, interconnectedness and miracles.[/box_light]

So what exactly is a miracle? It is often defined as a surprising occurrence not understood by science or natural laws, but rather touched by divine intervention. However, I experience my connection to the Divine as very natural. Learning to deepen your awareness and expression of your divinity allows for more miracles. I define a miracle as a welcomed occurrence that seemingly took very little time or effort. I have had many people tell me of miraculous events, such as an unexpected healing, a surprise job promotion or a serendipitous love connection, and yet I remind them, they actually have spent the last several years consciously connecting to their own divinity in this present moment. Miracles can be like that; we often don’t give ourselves credit for our part in attracting them.

And just today I had the perfect example of connecting to divinity to cause a welcomed occurrence. My daughter called from across the U.S. telling me this wonderful story. She was feeling angry and disappointed because all her plans for the week completely fell apart due to a miscommunication. After feeling dark and mad for awhile, she took a walk in the forest. She very purposely noticed how she was reacting to her expectations and she shifted her focus to “what is”, right here in her present moment.

This subtle shift from unconscious reaction to conscious response is the basis of our connection to divine energy; or prana in yogic terms. This is also the basis for miracles or what might be considered divine intervention.

[quote]My daughter then felt her heart open to her desire in that present moment. Rather than feeling the fear of not earning the money she had expected, she saw how rich and abundant her life truly is. She saw another opportunity that she actually preferred over the one that fell through! She also explained her insights with others who had been affected by the same miscommunication when they expressed their anger and disappointment about the situation. In perfect Solstice fashion, she shared her light by simply shining who she is.[/quote]

I was so thrilled to be hearing this story from her! I told her this is exactly what I’m writing about for this day. To which she replied, “You just have to be grateful, you know?”

So here is a Solstice gift to you- remember the basics of miracles. Divine intervention begins with your own connection to the Divine. And that connection begins with shifting from reacting to what isn’t to responding to what is. Happy Solstice to everyone!

Choose to Live Your Dream Life

Living Your Dream Life – You Have a Choice

ou wake before the alarm, turn over and then it hits you – you are already behind on what you have to do today.   Out of bed you rush to get ready, grab something to eat, gulp down some coffee and zoom your nerves are already vibrating at hyper speed.   At the end of the long and exhausting day, you fall into bed bone-tired and weary, feeling that you didn’t accomplish many of the things you had to do, much less the ones you wanted to do. Sigh, is this the life I was born to live, you wonder.  No!

You have a choice; you can live the Life that You’ve Dreamed of Living. “Hah”, you say, “What is that? I would settle for having a life!  “Yes, I understand, I have been there.   I know the edgy, nagging feeling, which gnaws at your insides and buzzes in your brain as you juggle more demands than humanly possible. There is another way and I am delighted to share with you how.  Come with me on this journey to discover and fulfill your birthright – to live the life that you’ve always wanted.

I did not come from privilege.  My early years were hard and I had a good number of devastating challenges in my later years too.  However those are the very things that I give thanks for – my “training” gave me the understanding, insights and skills to achieve a life, which surpasses my wildest dreams.   I am the second daughter in a traditional Chinese family and my birth was followed quickly by the birth of three younger brothers.   To say that I was unwanted would be an understatement – my mother left me in the hospital and had to be called to pick me up.   My inauspicious entry into the world foretold years of physical and mental mistreatment.   Rising from an abusive childhood to leaving my home in Hong Kong as a teen for University in America alone, to becoming a global business leader and humanitarian, I’ve found the secrets to achieving a life better than I’ve ever dreamed was possible – and you can too.
Now I live in Santa Barbara, California, walking distance to the ocean and the mountains, sharing a sunny, spacious and cozy home with the love of my life.  I have retired from the corporate executive world to run my global speaking and consulting business and the non-profit charitable foundation I co-founded, from my home office.   As I look up from my home office, I see trees laden with ripening oranges, lemons and avocados in my organic garden, while the roses in the flowerbeds are vying with them for abundance and glory.   On the other side, the pool is glistening in the sunlight, white and yellow plumeria flowers are wafting their sweet scent, the palm fronds and bamboo leaves are fluttering gently while the hummingbirds hover over the geraniums, lilies and irises in front of the little meditation house.

Reflecting upon how the role of women in America has changed, I realized that today we are expected to wear many different hats – daughter, wife, mother, friend, career woman, and community leader.   Juggling all these things, we struggle to stay in shape, look beautiful, have a spiritual core and become self-actualized – other expectations that we, as well as society have placed upon us. Every now and then, we have to stop ourselves and ask, “Am I taking care of the most important person in the world?”   That would be you because without oneself, there is no way you could do anybody else any good.

Keeping all the traditional roles, women of our generation have taken on many additional responsibilities. Multi-tasking comes naturally to the feminine gender, leading us to believe that we can do everything, all the time, and all at once. But this is impossible, and sometimes in order to achieve what’s critical and to remain sane, we just have to say no.

  • Whenever you feel overwhelmed, stop, take a deep breath, and then take another one, and then say,
  • “What would happen if I didn’t do this task at this very moment?
  • What is really most important?
  • What is the truth here for me?

Pull yourself back enough to get distance and perspective.   Listen to the voice of your inner wisdom. The answer will come.

[quote]In order to stay true to my life purpose, I have learned to put my own needs high on the list of priorities and practice what I preach. Only by striving to make certain that my life is sustained in a balanced way can I make the positive difference that is my destiny.[/quote]

After all, how can I help to heal the world if I can’t take care of me?

And you?  Are you neglecting yourself to take care of others?  Is that really working for you and your loved ones?  When you are giving is from lack – it’s unsustainable and will eventually not only drain you but also destroy the very relationships and structures you are working so hard to build.

Stop, take a deep breath, again, and repeat the above instructions as needed.  Remember that you are part of the whole – if you neglect/abuse yourself and become a hole – instead of a valuable part of the whole – the whole will also have a hole.

Yes I know the bills have to be paid, the work assignment and laundry done – somehow all will get done. Believe me, it will.



Summer Solstice is Upon Us

nce again the Summer Solstice is upon us. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac the timing of the solstice depends on when the sun reaches its farthest point north of the equator. This occurs annually on June 20 or June 21 in North America, depending on your time zone.



  • The word solstice is from the Latin solstitium, from sol (sun) and stitium (to stop), reflecting the fact that the Sun appears to stop at this time (and again at the winter solstice).
  • At the summer solstice, the sun stops its northward motion and begins heading south. At the winter solstice, it turns north.
  • In the state of Arizona, USA; within the Petrified Forest there is a place called Puerco Pueblo. Ancient ancestors left behind a calendar — a spiral carving deep into a stone that marks the sun’s progression. In the weeks surrounding the solstice, a narrow shaft of sunlight hits the boulder and travels down its side. At about 9 a.m. each morning, a bright arrow of sun rests at the center of two rings carved into the stone.
  • In the state of Ohio, there is a place called Serpent Mound – a raised berm of grassy earth forms a figure of a giant snake, which runs approximately a quarter-mile. The head of the serpent is aligned to the summer solstice sunset.
  • The stepped Kukulkan pyramid at the ruins of Chichen Itza in Mexico, built sometime between 1000 and 1200, is aligned with the rising sun on the summer solstice.
  • At the 21st of June the rising sun in the North East shines its light in between the Heel Stone onto the Alter Stone at the center of the Trilithons or horseshoe of Stonehenge.
  • The ancient Egyptians, built the Great Pyramids so that the sun, when viewed from the Sphinx, sets precisely between two of the Pyramids on the summer solstice.



Did You Know?

Question: Why isn’t the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, also the hottest day of the year?

Answer: Earth’s atmosphere, land, and oceans absorb part of the incoming energy from the Sun and store it, releasing it back as heat at various rates. Water is slower to heat (or cool) than air or land. At the summer solstice, the Northern Hemisphere receives the most energy (highest intensity) from the Sun due to the angle of sunlight and day length. However, the land and oceans are still relatively cool, due to spring’s temperatures, so the maximum heating effect on air temperature is not felt just yet. Eventually, the land and, especially, oceans will release stored heat from the summer solstice back into the atmosphere. This usually results in the year’s hottest temperatures appearing in late July, August, or later, depending on latitude and other factors. This effect is called seasonal temperature lag.

For more about summer solstice, visit the Farmer’s Almanac.

(Watch for article and video from Onani this Thursday)

A Tribute to LOHAS Week June 12-14

Tribute to LOHAS Week

n tribute to LOHAS week, (Forum in Boulder, Colorado June 12th-14th), I will be sharing a series of interviews from my show Generation Reinvention, on the FMG Radio Network.

LOHAS has grown from a grassroots movement shepherded by young adults in the sixties and seventies into an international business juggernaut today.

We’re starting off the series with an episode, with Natural Food Pioneer and Visionary Steve Demos. Steve personifies and frankly leads the consumer revolution known as LOHAS, an acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability.

Steve is a progressive entrepreneur with more than 30 years experience in creating and marketing environmentally and socially-conscious foods, he is also the founder and former president of White Wave Inc., the largest producer and marketer of soy-based products in the U.S (Silk Soymilk Brand).


Brent Green Interviews Natural Food
Pioneer and Visionary Steve Demos in
this weeks tribute to the LOHAS Forum.



Previous Shows From LOHAS Founders and Speakers


Listen to all shows related to the LOHAS Forum, on Generation Reinvention Show
on the FMG Radio Network!

Anti-Aging Hair Treatment

Ryan Nickulas Celebrity Hairstylist

s we grow older, our hair tends to thin and we lose the fullness we once had in our youth. We’ll I’m going to share a secret with you…there is an easy solution! It takes about 30 minutes, and a trip to the Ryan Darious Salon on West 12th Street in New York City!

That’s where I took my dear friend Jane Ponterelli, one time playboy bunny, to Ryan’s salon to get hair extensions, and the results were amazing!

Salon owner, reality TV star and beauty entrepreneur Ryan Nickulas, of the Ryan Darius Salon, has the boy-next-door looks and charm of your childhood best friend…only he’s grown up, and is better dressed and more fabulous than you could have imagined!

The NYC-based glamour guru’s impressive resume includes editorial work in Glamour, Town & Country, Cosmopolitan, Celebrity Hairstyles, and Nylon magazines, celebrity clients (we won’t name names–a boy never styles and dishes!) and his luxe, intimate Ryan Darius Salon is both a Time Out New York and AM New York award winner.

When he’s not toiling away over tresses, the legally-married family man enjoys spending time with his husband and ‘kids’, pugs Xander and Neo, and, of course, giving his credit card a workout on Fifth Avenue.

Ryan shared his anti-aging aging hair treatment – prepping Jane’s hair with clarifying platinum seamless before and after shampoo, avoiding the use of any conditioners or products, leaving the hair clean to provide proper preparation to ensure the longest lasting hair extension possible.

Ryan then started to section off Jane’s hair, and with medical grade adhesive (which drys in about 48 hours), began “sandwiching” the hair extensions onto Jane’s head. The Platinum seamless extensions are virtually undetectable.

To protect your new extensions, Ryan recommends to sleep in braided hair or poney tails.

If you happen to have a silk pillow, they’re great to help stop friction in your extensions as you sleep at night. Stay away from saltwater and chlorine, as both can harm your extensions. Avoid sleeping when extensions are wet simply because they will get tangled.

If you’re in New York City, be sure to drop by and see Ryan and let him add his magic to your hair.

Visit Ryan’s website at

Create a Happy Home Using Fend Shui

Creating a Happy Home Using Feng Shui

Using Feng Shui to create a happy home or work space can be fun.

Feng  Shui is the placing of object or  using colors to attract  good chi energy into spaces we occupy.

The use of powerful feng shui formulas can improve all areas of your life.

It can even maximize good fortune and avoid bad luck.

Here are some fun and simple ways to apply  feng shui into your spaces.



ne of the most powerful feng shui features to have is a personalized main door.   Here is where you would bring the good chi energy into your home or office.

  • To attract good chi energy into your home, the door should have a roof.  It should be made of solid wood with metallic trimmings.  The stronger the door is, the better the protection of the people inside.
  • The main door should also open inward to welcome the good chi energy into your home or office.
  • A red door will bring abundance and also protecting to the home or office.
  • The Chinese consider  a yellow door inviting to the chi  energy also.
  • Keep clear any clutter from blocking the flow of Chi to the entrance of your home or office.
  • Having a light above, or next to the door, will help illuminate the energy coming into the space.
  • The outside door is a link between your home or office, and the outside world.   Make it inviting to the Blessed Chi energy you want to enter your home or work space.



Mirrors are a valuable potent feng shui tool.   Mirrors reflect images so they will double what ever you want to attract into your space.

Let’s say you want to attract more money into your life; you could put coins or dollar bills on, or in front of a mirror.

At my office I have a mirror behind my cash register to attract more money.




A way to attract love into you life using feng  shui would be to match up items in your bedroom.

For instance, never have one picture – place two pictures next to each other.

Place as many objects as you can in your bedroom into pairs.

Another way of attracting love to you would be to light two pink candles in front of a mirror that has a picture of a couple on it.  Pink is the color of love.

If you wanted to attract more passion in your life light two red candles instead of the pink ones.

NEVER place a fountain of running water in a bedroom, as it will send the flow of love out the room;

unless you’re wanting to have a person leave your life, then it might be good to have in your bedroom.

Using fragrances like rose and jasmine in the bedroom will also attract love to you.




One of the most important uses of feng shui is the use of flowing water.

The constant flow of water in your home or office placed in the right location brings wealth into ALL areas of your life.

Having a constant flowing fountain is a must for all homes and work spaces.    You can place a fountain in any area of your home except the bedroom.

Another thing to have in your home or office to attract wealth, would be a fish tank with gold fish in it, because the color gold is a symbol of wealth.

It is important to make sure your toilets are in good working order.


If it runs all the time it will bring the chi energy of your abundance being flushed down the drain.

The same goes for leakey faucets.

Hanging picture of waterfalls and oceans will also attract prosperity into your home or office.

See, the art of Feng  Shui can be as easy a coloring your front door or buying a fish tank.

Why not get started and bring new Positive Chi energy coming into your home or office today!

Love & Light

Carrie Carter


5 Secrets to a Happy, Healthy Life

The 5 Secrets to a Happy, Healthy & Successful Life

ou make well-meaning resolutions to improve your life. But your resolutions fade under the stress of multiple demands on your time and attention. Oftentimes the resolutions are history before the month is done. How can we ensure that we actually benefit from the good intentions that we made with such conviction?

[box_light]”Many years ago I made an earnest resolution to work less and to spend more time on my personal life, family and health. Being a type A personality, it was easier to say that than to follow through. By late in the same month, as I was running through another airport, I realized that I was already back to my old pattern of working seven days a week. On the next plane ride I took the time to ask myself a few hard questions. From that experience I developed these Five Guidelines to have a Happier, Healthier and more Successful Life. Isn’t that what we are ultimately after?”[/box_light]
  1. Make resolutions that you can manage. Specify your desired end result and make the goals measureable. For example, instead of saying that you want to lose weight, give yourself a specific time frame for a number of pounds or inches broken down into smaller pieces so that you have incremental targets to meet. Make the objectives a slight stretch but achievable. You are more likely to continue once you see positive progress towards your ultimate goal.Limit the number of resolutions. Your mind can only deal with so many tasks at a time. Limit your resolutions to fewer than seven and prioritize them. That way you can work on them in order of importance to maximize your success potential.
  2. Review your life mission before you make your resolutions. What are the most important things in your life? When you make your commitments based on what you truly value, instead of what someone else or society tells you that you ought to do, you will be more motivated to work towards them.
  3. Get Partners and Mentors. There are people who share the same goals you do. Or they have experience in what you are trying to achieve, and/or they would be supportive of your plans. Enlist their support. Form a mastermind group or network to encourage, guide and support each other. Ask people with experience for advice and inspiration. You can connect in person, by phone and via the Internet on affinity sites, pages and chat rooms. Having partners and mentors in your goals will keep you motivated. They can also guide and alert you on the pitfalls, secrets and shortcuts to success.
  4. Make a Positive Resolution. Make a resolution that involves something fun for you. For example, if you want to strengthen your presentation skills, do something new, say, singing in public. Learn a song and sing it at a karaoke. Or learn a new sport, like paddle boarding, yoga or Pilates. That way you will be working on your self-confidence and your physical fitness in ways that are also fun for you.When we look at the positives in our lives, we are encouraged to keep going. One of the main reasons for dropping our goals is because we feel pessimistic. An optimistic outlook energizes us and moves us towards our goals.
  5. Relax and Have Fun! You have good reasons for you to make your resolutions. They improve your life in some way. Allow yourself some latitude when you lapse. You are already making progress when you recognize that you’ve missed the mark. It indicates that you are making an effort. Just pick yourself up and try again. Give yourself credit for each step and the small milestones. Share your success with your buddies, and remember the reason(s) for your resolutions. Life is fun! Consider the alternative.

Some of the most popular resolutions made are for physical health, work, finances and relationships. Beneath all the resolutions is the desire to live a healthy, sustainably balanced life with joy and inner peace.


Establishing your life purpose is the foundation to living the life of your dreams. My little book, “Living the Life of Your Dreams” won the Global eBook of the Year 2011 in the Inspirational/Visionary category.

The book won because it motivated people to find their life mission in a short stories and handbook format.

If you would like to get a copy of this book, or more details, please click here.
May you find it helps you as well.


Excessive stress is dangerous and can even kill you.

Joan Borsenko’s 2011 book, “Fried, Why You Burn out and How to Revive” helps you get to a healthy place of dynamic balance between doing and being.

Learn more about Joan’s book.

I believe you should take love advice from couples who have the kind of deep, loving, magical relationship that truly inspires LOVE!

Arielle Ford’s new book, Wabi Sabi Love: The Ancient Art of Finding Perfect Love in Imperfect Relationships is being released right now. If your relationship is less than fantastic, this is the solution!

Have a fulfilling, healthy and happy day, month and year!

Marilyn Tam


Strawberries May Slow Cancer

Strawberries May Slow Precancerous Growth in Esophagus

• Esophageal cancer is the third most common gastrointestinal cancer.
• Six months of eating strawberry may decrease precancerous lesions.
• Strawberries may reduce cancer-related molecular events.

esearch presented at the 102nd meeting of the American Cancer Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in Orlando, Florida concluded that “daily consumption of strawberries suppressed biomarkers involved in esophageal carcinogenesis, including cell proliferation, inflammation and gene transcription.” This clinical trial was a follow up with humans of a previous trial by the researchers in which they found that freeze-dried strawberries significantly inhibited the development of esophageal tumors in rats.

The 36 study subjects ate 60 grams (about 2 ounces) of freeze-dried strawberries daily for 6 months. Biopsy specimens were obtained before and after this intervention. Results showed that 29 of the 36 subjects demonstrated a decrease in the histological grade of the precancerous lesions during the study period.


[box_tip]“Our study is important because it shows that strawberries may slow the progression of precancerous lesion in the esophagus. Strawberries may be an alternative or work together with other chemopreventive drugs for the prevention of esophageal cancer. But, we will need to test this in randomized placebo-controlled trials in the future,” said lead researcher Tong Chen, M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor, division of medical oncology, department of internal medicine at The Ohio State University.[/box_tip]

Read more about this study here.


Eating to Achieve Optimal Health

Optimal Health With Chef Tina Jo

“Eat more carbohydrates!”
“Eat more protein!”
“Be a vegetarian!”
“Vegetarians are not healthy.”
“Raw foods are the healthiest thing out there”
“Don’t eat grains!”
“Eat more grains, but whole grains or multi grains?!”

IPES!! Are you confused about how to eat to achieve optimal health? Even the research is sometimes confusing and contradictory! Every day some new piece of news is coming out on the health forefront that blows yesterdays theories out the window.

[box_light]Since my early 30s, I have been deeply interested in health and nutrition. That was when I suffered from ovarian cysts which totally devastated my life at the time.  I began to read and analyze everything available about nutrition. I threw out all my packaged, sugared and white foods and began buying fresh organic produce at my local market. It seemed simple then; just eat food as close to Mother Nature as possible and everything will be okay. My health improved dramatically and I knew that I was on the right track when my cysts went away. I stuck with the program and I have never felt better.[/box_light]

However, since then study after study has come out regarding what creates superior health. One good example is The China Study, published in 1990. This study looked at different villages in China; those that ate meat and those that were vegetarian. That study concluded that eating vegetarian was far healthier than eating meat.

On the surface, this looks like a good study. However, when you look deeper into it, you discover that there are numerous flaws in the study. For example, other studies indicate that healthy eating varies depending upon your heritage. If you come from an Asian background where meat eating was uncommon, then bringing a lot of meat into your diet can have negative effects on health. On the other hand, if your ancestors were meat-eaters, then you might find yourself feeling shaky and tired on a vegetarian diet. Therefore, a study that was done on Asians might not apply to people who are non- Asian.

I once read an excellent book on nutrition that stated we get all the protein we need from vegetable sources and that if we eat primarily fruits and vegetables, we will find ourselves feeling very healthy and energized. I wanted to put that into practice and I did. However, I know deep in my heart some people do far better on some animal protein, while others do better on vegetable protein. It seems perhaps that trying to find “One Plan Fits All” regarding nutrition, really doesn’t work.

[box_light]After much research and self-experimentation, my philosophy is:

If you truly want to be as healthy as you can be, then you need to learn to listen to your body to discover what makes you feel fortified and energized in the long run and what makes you feel diseased as well as what makes you feel depleted. You have to go by the long run, because in the short run; sugar and coffee energizes, but over time, they deplete you.[/box_light]

There are only a handful of guidelines that I personally feel will promote excellent health:

  1. Eliminate or profoundly limit all sugars and other refined, processed products. It is important to eat foods that are nutrient-dense; foods with lots of nutrients like fruits and vegetables, etc. Processed foods (packaged) have no nutritional value whatsoever and I think we all pretty much know that! They may taste good and fill you up but they do nothing good for your body!
  2. Notice whether you feel better with more animal protein or more vegetable protein.
  3. Eat as close to natural as possible – organic fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.
  4. If you find that eating vegetarian or raw foods makes you feel much better, then read about healthy vegetarian and raw food diets and stick with those diets.
  5. If you find that you need animal protein to feel energized, and then look for the highest quality you can find.

My rule of thumb is I eat as close to what God intended and I buy as local/organically as possible. If people didn’t eat it 200 years ago, then it probably isn’t good for me now.

[box_tip]Years of poor eating habits may have your body a bit confused about what works best for you. The best place to start is by cleaning things out! I suggest trying a juice feast, my book Real Life Raw: 7 Day Juice Feasting is a great place to start. Juice feasting is about giving your body TONS of nutrition while cleansing your cells from the inside out putting you on the right track to a whole new healthier you.[/box_tip]

Make Life delicious,

Chef Tina Jo

My Dream Job With Horses!

Samantha Penley and Her Horse

‘ve been riding since I was six years old and have been infatuated with horses since I got my first palomino Breyer horse at age four.  Growing up I attended summer horse camps and took riding lessons.  Although I’ve never owned my own horse, I’ve been lucky enough to lease some amazing ones and volunteer my time to many talented endurance and dressage trainers.

I always knew I wanted to work with events and marketing, but I wasn’t confident it was possible prior to working for Royal Champion.

Royal Champion produces complete nutritional supplements for horses.  These supplements are designed to aid all horses in optimal health, appearance and performance in one daily dose.

I have a very rewarding position that requires all the skills I’ve learned though college, internships and past careers.  My role is the marketing director, I plan events and promotions and to help coordinate the overall image of the company.

While growing up I always worked at local stables mucking stalls and assisting with training horses. It wasn’t until after college and I got a job with the Del Mar Fairgrounds and the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club (Trakus, Inc.) that I realized a professional career in horses was an option. It was there that I got my first taste of what it was like to work with events and horses together.

Prior to being the marketing director at Royal Champion, I worked for the Del Mar Fairgrounds and the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. I knew I wanted to work with horses from then on, but I also realized I needed to get more involved because horse jobs were hard to find and even harder to get. I decided to create a horse-related blog,, to educate myself and network with people in the industry. I used my blog and various social media outlets to study new online marketing trends and understand how the industry functioned. Within a year I was making contacts all over the U.S. and learning a great deal. I landed my interview with Royal Champion because they were able to look me up online and see that I was involved and obviously passionate about horses. My social media skills definitely got my foot in the door to at least introduce myself.

[pullquote_left]I would recommend that anyone wanting a job in the horse industry get online and start networking. If utilized correctly, having a presence online can definitely help you connect with the right people. Twitter is my favorite! You can connect with us on Twitter: @SamanthaPenley and @Royal_Champion_.[/pullquote_left]

With this job there are numerous social obligations and sponsorship events to attend. I work very closely with Blenheim EquiSports, a show park facility that produces top-notch equestrian events throughout the year. I’m also involved with the San Juan Capistrano Equestrian Coalition, the San Juan Capistrano Equestrian Council and many local barns in the area. My job is all about networking and successfully representing our products. I take full advantage of attending fun events, local mixers and equine fundraisers.

The other, more obvious, benefit to working for a supplement company is you get to spend a lot of time at the barn or at horse shows since that’s where our customers are. If we’re not in the office planning marketing and sales strategies for the company, you can be sure to find us working at a vendor booth or checking in with our local sales reps at their barn.

The only challenge I find is sometimes coming up with creative ways to connect with the horse world. For being such a small industry, it’s so spread out! Every state, every barn and every discipline goes about things differently than the others. Riders tend to stick with the groups they know, making the horse industry somewhat segregated.

[box_light]If you’re looking for your dream job in the horse world, I would definitely recommend you get online and network, network, network! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to connect with people and find companies. This is a growing industry that is looking for educated and professional young individuals who can bring their talents to the table.[/box_light]

Good Luck!

Samantha Penley